Lott Industries celebrates anniversary with butterflies

Lott Industries celebrates anniversary with butterflies Image

Wednesday, 07/25/18, Lott celebrated its first anniversary in returning to its Independent Provider status to serve able Ohioans living with disabilities, although  Lott is in its 63rd  year providing employment, work-vocation habilitation, community integration and more to nearly 300 able adults.

Lott and friends Celebrated New Life Freedom by releasing new-born butterflies, one-by-one. Lott’s CEO, Tim Menke, shared that releasing 100 butterflies, to enjoy new life, has dual symbolism. Lott’s new-branded image displays butterfly wings, symbolizing Lott’s beautiful metamorphous in a successful transition to serve others more broadly. Each butterfly is unique, beautiful and free to explore life. Similarly, Lott’s servant-devoted staff serve daily to change, empower, beautify and set free those served to reach their unique, full potential at work and in their community. Lott is growing with new services and new business in its first year of independence.

Lott achieved private status July 01, 2017, years ahead of most of the nation’s other providers. Lott was required to separate from the Lucas County Board of DD to comply with Federal law. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency in the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that administers Medicare programs, ensures service providers are private, separate from county boards.  

Lott was blessed by customers, employees, family, friends, Board members and local dignitaries who were present. Lott’s CEO, staff and all served by Lott extend praise and appreciation to all who support Lott, helping Lott Enhance Lives, Transform Business and Enrich Communities.

Contact Lott to learn how Lott serves to employ and habilitate lives through business-partners, providing gratifying work to the disabled minority group. This minority group has the highest unemployment of all USA minority groups. Lott is making a difference. Enjoy WTOL’s video of this special day.

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