Habilitation Services

Enriching and Empowering our Communities

Lott’s goal is to passionately serve people by helping them reach their highest attainable goals and reach independence. We believe that every person has immeasurable worth.

Through person-centered planning, we provide one-on-one services, identify personal goals, and seek to help everyone achieve their dreams and desired outcomes.

Day Habilitation

Lott’s Day Services are designed to teach day-to-day life fundamentals to individuals. Through learning opportunities in classes, activities, and other enrichment inclusion opportunities, Lott offers creative, diverse ways for individuals to achieve their own goals.

Our day services include vocational habilitation, supported group employment, and community integration.

What sets Lott’s Day Habilitation services apart from other programs is the wide variety of daily activities focused on each person-centered, individualized interest.

HPC (Home Maker / Personal Care)

Lott’s HPC staff provide services, supports, and supervision for improving the health and welfare of those we serve through HPC. Lott’s HPC focus serves the person-centered plan objectively, striving to enable and enhance positive community integration and enjoyable community living.

HPC goals seek to increase an individual’s ability for independence within his/her home or community. Lott’s HPC is personalized, considering best safe practices. Lott serves to help attain the highest level of independent home and community quality of life and personal goals.

HPC also includes:

  • Principles of Positive Intervention Culture
  • What Matters and is Important to and for the Person
  • Use of Person-First Language, Person-Centered Planning, Self-Determination, and Self-Advocacy and Five Key personalized drivers for success:
    1. Get to know the person being served very well
    2. Inform the person being served to help them make good choices
    3. Help advance Community Integration confidence and opportunities in employment, residential and recreation
    4. Facilitate the best use of Friends and Family Support
    5. Advise persons being served that they have choices in their Service Plans

Click here for a guide to Typical HPC Services. If you or your loved one has HPC needs, please contact Lott below for more information.

Vocational Habilitation

Lott’s Vocational Habilitation celebrates over 60 years of helping adults with disabilities thrive in a productive, safe and person-centered workplace. Lott’s continuous and project-based work is through hundreds of local businesses, regional and across the U.S.

Lott provides invaluable training experiences to people with disabilities or employment barriers. We serve to help employees learn work-ready skills to ultimately seek community and private employment based on individualized, short and long-term career path goals.

Lott’s work ranges from very basic to higher-functioning job tasks geared to help each person achieve income and progressive skill development. Lott provides on-the-job training to advance vocational skills while employees earn income through completion of production work.

Lott’s goal is for everyone to learn about community employment and to have the opportunity to achieve their desired outcomes in the most integrated setting possible. Jobs at Lott include:

  • Production, Packaging and New Product Manufacturing
  • Assembly, Subassembly and Cellular Manufacturing
  • Rework, Recycle, Reclamation
  • Kitting and Labeling Parts and Packages
  • Sorting and Inspection
  • Produce Highway Safety Products
  • Run Hydro-Stripper and Machinery
  • Secure Document Shredding
  • Grounds Keeping
  • Janitorial (Offices and Apartments)

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