Highway Safety

Did You Know That Lott Manufactures and Sells Our Own Highway Safety Products?

Producing highway safety products is one of the many gratifying work opportunities that Lott provides to its employees. You may not know that we make and sell safety traffic cones, barrels, drums and channelizers! There’s more! Lott also provides highway arrow boards, and solar message centers for contractors, municipalities, ODOT, cable providers, and utility companies. You can help Lott provide work for Ohio employees with disabilities by buying products from our sell sheet, calling us at 419-381-5215, or emailing us to inquire if Lott can source traffic or safety products for you.

Lott is a CRP - And What This Means

Did you know that Lott is a CRP (Community Rehabilitation Program) Provider and is the required source for products/services approved by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS)? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you seek opportunities to serve others:

  • Ohio’s state and local government entities are obligated to procure supplies and services from CRPs, with such obligation having been created in 1976 by the Ohio Legislature.
  • Ohio Law applies specifically to certain customers: State Agencies, the General Assembly, all Cabinet Agencies, Supreme Court and offices of state elected officials, Political Subdivisions, including counties, townships, villages, school districts, and special-purpose corporations and districts as well as Instrumentalities of the State, including boards, commissions, authorities, public corporations, colleges and universities, other educational institutions, and other entities.

Links to Ohio Procurement Sites:

CLICK any link below to get State information:

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