Shared Lives Studio

Shared Lives Studio & Gallery!

Established in 2011, Shared Lives encourages artists with developmental disabilities and provides them opportunities to learn and expand their skills to produce, display, and sell art pieces. Located in Lott’s Corporate Offices on Hill Ave., Shared Lives inspires possibilities for artists to share their creativity, talent, and abilities with our larger community. Shared Lives is committed to supporting people with developmental disabilities as working artists. Art is a powerful tool for communication, and through these experiences, individuals and communities learn to celebrate the potential in all people. Employed artists complete art in different mediums and may be commissioned to produce specialized items. Additionally, employed artists are given opportunities to serve as ambassadors for their studio and are trained to offer outstanding customer service at art shows and other venues where their art is sold.

Shared Lives

3350 Hill Avenue Toledo, OH 43607  


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Lott Industries (Door Q)

3350 Hill Avenue Toledo, OH 43607  

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