About Us

About Us

Lott is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization which has provided meaningful educational and vocational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities since 1956. We are passionate about serving people with any barrier, and we seek to provide purposeful work to everyone in our reach. Lott serves business customers locally and throughout the U.S.

Our Mission: Serve the Community

We’re excited about YOUR needs. As a job seeker with a barrier to employment or a developmental disability, we seek to help you to Enhance Your Life through our vocational training and employment opportunities. As a business, we seek to Transform Your Business to greater success by partnering with Lott. And together, we can Enrich our Communities.

Board of Directors

  • Jan Brown
  • Rich MacMillan
    Vice President
  • John O’Neil
  • Roger Bresnahan
  • Norm Gransmiller
  • Maria Gonzalez
  • Ricardo King
  • Barbara Ann Dietze


  • Tim Menke
  • Jack Waddell
  • Ann Hogle
    Shared Lives Studio Manager
  • Dawn Williams
    Habilitation and Payroll Manager
  • Gail Little
    Customer Service
  • Jill Gosselin
    Accounting Department



  • John Joldrichsen
    Client Services Business Manager
  • Karen Carmody
    Transportation Manager
  • Ken Ball
    Director of Sales and Business Growth
  • Lucas Fernandes
    Engineering and Quality Manager
  • Mark Holtzcher
    Habilitation Specialist



  • Milva Valenzuela Wagner
    Director of Development
  • Ray Kemer
    Senior Sales Executive
  • Ryan Hayward
    Office Assistant
  • Tony Powell
    Production Manager

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