Lott has placed several hundred people with disabilities into the NW Ohio workforce over the last several years.


At the heart of any community is an individual.

At Lott, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams. Our goal is to make these dreams become a reality. We are here to serve you and partner with you throughout your journey of personal and professional growth.

Offering person-centered planning, we partner with individuals for their success.

Lott works one-on-one with each person seeking to understand all aspects of their life, including but not limited to:

  • Who is each individual?
  • What are his/her gifts and capabilities?
  • What is his/her story?
  • What is important to him/her?
  • What would a good future look like for that individual?
  • Does this individual have any concerns or fears about the future? What are they?
  • What does this individual need to have in place to be successful and safe in the future?

By uncovering this information, we can collaboratively come up with a plan for your desired future.